In the Molecular Neuro-oncology Lab we employ multidisciplinary approaches and outside-the-box thinking to discover mechanisms that regulate plasticity, motility, genome organization and RNA epigenetics of human glioma stem cells.

We are currently focused on the following projects:  

  • Molecular Neuro-oncology

    • RNA epigenetics of human glioma stem cells:

      • Role of m6A RNA in the regulation of glioma stem cell translation.

      • Role of lincRNAs and eRNAs in chromatin accessibility and 3D genome organization of glioma stem cells.

    • Glioma microenvironment, immunomodulation and combination therapies.

    • Modeling of human glioma stem cell migration – role of glioma cell pseudopodia.

    • Novel glioma therapies: Methods to attract and trap migrating glioma cells.

    • 3D human glioma spheroids, development of engineered human brain tumor macro-tissues.

  • Epigenetic Regulation of regenerating Schwann cells

    • Role of Egr2-AS-RNA in nerve injury response and genome organization of regenerating glia.